I Created a Twitter Account…Now What??

my 2 cents: How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business


As a Marketing Junkie I am always chatting with people about their marketing needs, and more and more I am hearing people say the same thing about Twitter, “Everyone keeps telling me I should be on it to grow my business, but I don’t really know how to use it effectively!”.

To everyone in this boat, this post is for you!

First the basics:

What is Twitter exactly? Twitter is a platform for instant messaging that is available to the public.

Who uses Twitter? Everyone and anyone! Each day 5 – 10 thousand new people join Twitter. Total current users are around 5 million.

When can you use it? Whenever you feel the need – morning, noon and night!

Where can you find it? Twitter.com

Why should you use it? To many, Twitter (although well known and highly touted) is still a great unknown. Many people understand the basic premise of the system; you write short posts that are publicly viewed by millions of people. That’s great, but why would you spend time doing this? Why is this beneficial to you?

Here are a few great reasons:

  • Free tool to get your name and brand out to the public
  • Drives traffic to your website
  • You can engage and build a relationship with your current and potential customers by asking questions, doing surveys, looking for advice, looking for opinions, posting links, and posting informational resources.
  • It is a soft approach to engaging with a variety of people regarding your products, services and business in general.

How do you use it? Like anything, planning makes perfect. International Sales Specialist, Cindy King increased the inquiries in her business by 800% by following a simple twitter campaign.

Some Key Points in Her Plan:

  • Following the right people on Twitter
  • Building relationships
  • Following online community builders (people who are very active online and great at building relationships online)
  • Providing useful information, resources, surveys, and questions.

Cindy’s Plan:

She entered in 6 weeks’worth of tweets (5 a day) using TweetLater, used a mind map, created categories, varied times for each tweet, and use BUDurl to track results and improve the plan.

Her Results: 800% increase in inquires for her business! Time well spent!

What does this mean to you as a business owner?  Twitter = Opportunity

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some useful information from it. If you would like some help from professionals to get your social media frenzy started here are a few sites to check out: http://www.sbkelsick.com/services/http://www.communicatto.com/.

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